.   Spontaneity, Joy, and Passion....Sometimes spontaneity leads to a mess, joy may morph into sadness , and passion may shift to exhaustion. The painting process teaches me to be fearless with what may, on the surface, look like chaos. Through fearlessness, all thoughts and feelings,and in particular those that are messy, have the potential of being transformed. So, I am back at the beginning... Spontaneity, Joy, and Passion! The painting process allows Me to Be with All.


                      ...endless possibilities. My fluid paintings are naturally released. Spirit is my partner. That means I accept both the appealing and unappealing paintings. Just like two moments cannot be the same, no two of my paintings could be the same.
 and mystery. Living amidst a lush landscape accompanied by awe-filled sky formations and the vast Gulf of Mexico is a continual source of inspiration. How can I not feel joy and do what brings me joy?!

                 ...time and space transcended. Opening to the depths of my heart, my thinking self is released. Surrendering to the process becomes a prayer, a meditation. My passion for painting is part of who I am, what I am on this planet to practice and offer.


                                                                    ….Over the years, in my imagination, my paintings have popped off the paper and onto everyday items. My imagination has witnessed my paintings transformed onto all forms of clothing, all forms of housewares. I see my images in homes, huge corporate offices, and hotels. Even on a Starbuck’s mug. Yes, I see my images everywhere!


Now, my paintings are transformed to canvas, metal, silk scarves, dresses, yoga leggings, t-shirts, cards, magnets, and a lampshade! My paintings and these items have homes throughout the U.S.!


Yes, I paint. I also write. One day, it occurred to me to write a reflection on one of my paintings. I have not stopped! It is the most natural of processes for me to first sit with a painting, turn it this way and that way, and to sink into it. I listen to it, feel it, become it. Words flow from the painting through me. The painting delivers its own message to me.


Effortlessly, my paintings or designs, are brimming with depth, movement, and life force. Both the vibrant and more subtle designs are embedded with a flow of spontaneity, joy, and passion. Paired with a message to inspire creates a lasting and deeply profound experience for the viewer or wearer of my art.


I am so happy to move forward on my artistic journey, my life’s journey. I love sharing my designs. I love sharing the messages embedded within them. I invite you to participate in the experience of both. May you feel and be InSpired!




Why I create



“I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do."

Georgia O'Keeffe

Designs with a Message to InSpire

All artwork and images © 2016 Lisa Frechette